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Capture and storage of CO2 is a large-scale option for significant long-term emissions reduction in Europe. Whilst some CO2 capture technology is available today, the main barriers to deployment are high capital cost and low energy efficiency. The CACHET II project plans to overcome these barriers targeting CO2 free power production which can be applied to both NGCC and Integrated Gasification and Combined Cycle (IGCC).

Hydrogen (H2) permeable membrane reactors are an attractive technology for pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture in both coal and gas fired power stations because they combine the efficient conversion of syngas into hydrogen fuel with capture of the remaining carbon dioxide in one reactor. The carbon dioxide is produced at high pressure, reducing the compression energy for transport and storage.

Development of ternary Pd-Ag-TM alloy membranes with improved sulphur tolerance

T.A. Peters, T. Kaleta, M. Stange, R. Bredesen
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, P.O. Box 124 Blindern, N-0314, Oslo, Norway

Journal of Membrane Science
Article in press

Resistance to H2S is important for the use of Pd-based membranes in fossil-fuel power stations with integrated carbon capture. In the current article, we present results on the development of ternary Pd-Ag-TM alloy membranes encompassing membrane manufacturing followed by appropriate characterization, and extensive H2 permeation evaluation. A selection of four ternary Pd-Ag-TM alloy membranes has been prepared by magnetron sputtering with thickness in the range of 1.9–2.4 µm.

Pd Membrane Technology Scale-Up Workshop - Publications

CACHET-II, CARENA and COMETHY are three European FP7 projects developing palladium membrane technology for hydrogen production. Due to such technology synergy, the three projects have joined force to organize a workshop together, focusing on discussing “palladium membrane scale-up challenges and solutions”. The workshop was held in Italy on 12-14th of November 2012, including 1 day of membrane pilot plant tour in Chieti and 2 days of presentations and interactive discussions in Rome.
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